WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

N80 SERIES ALIEN – Not your average high-resistance build!!! This build has a resistance of .35 ohms in order to comply with Ohms Law for series devices, many use this build for regulated devices as well. Composed of 3 strands of 30 gauge and fused together with a strand of 38 gauge alien wire.

Specifications: 3x 30g/ 38g- 7 wraps- 3mm ID- .35 ohms

N80 ALIEN .11 – The most warm build we offer, for the more advanced vaper who’s looking for very warm and flavorful vapor. Composed of 3 strands of 27 gauge and fused together with a strand of 36g alien wire. Nichrome 80 provides very quick ramp up time for single cell devices.

Specifications: 3x 27g/ 36g- 5 wraps- 3mm ID- .11-.13 ohms

N80 ALIEN SINGLE – is the ultimate single coil. Three 28 gauge core wires keeps the mass low in order for the coil to ramp up quickly. Alien coils are known for the intense flavor and at .28 ohms the N80 Alien Single will be your go-to single coil build! There are two single coils included in the packaging which means two uses from one product!

Specifications: 2x 28g/ 36g- 4/5 wrap- 3mm- .28 ohms

N80 FRAMED STAPLE ALIEN – 6 strands of .3 ribbon wire sandwiched by two strands of 30 gauge, the cores are alien wrapped with 38 gauge. The 30 gauge on this build is used to lower the mass, increase ramp up time, minimize battery drain, and maximize flavor.

Specifications: 2x 30g/6x .3R/ 38g- 5 wrap- 3mm- .11-.13 ohms

N80 FUSED CLAPTON – is the most simple and classic build that we offer. Composed of 2 strands of 26 gauge ANARCHIST wire and claptoned with 38 gauge, it’s guarenteed to provide you great flavor and vapor production. ANARCHIST wire provides great ramp up time, optimizing this build for regulated and mechanical devices.

Specifications- 2x 26g AN80 / 38g- 5 wraps- 3mm ID- .14 ohms

  • Each container will come with TWO handcrafted coils (specified above)
  • All wire is Twisted Messes Nichrome 80
  • All coils are inspected to ensure the best quality possible
  • PLEASE be aware of Ohms Law and battery safety precaution before using these builds
  • No returns will be accepted, but feel free to contact jboicoils@gmail.com with any questions
Weight0.01 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 0.5 in
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